During the evening events there is always a FREE buffet for all participants with various sweet and savoury appetizers. You can find pizza, rolls of flatbread, seasonal fruits and sweets. In addition to feeding the spirit, Villa the Temple also thinks about feeding the body!

Large indoor parking for maximum privacy and comford. An attendant will help you to park at their best to ensure the safety of each vehicle. You can also accompany your Lei directly to the reception entrance for maximum comfort.

Our extremely comfortable, spacious and bright rooms grant you the freedom to enter and exit the private with ease. Offers in various types have double bed or interconnecting rooms to several beds;

If you don’t want to get driving after the evening spent in the property it is ideal for you.

Book an unforgettable party in advance!

Whether it’s your birthday or a bachelorette/celibacy, call us and discover all the amazing services we can offer you and the discounts dedicated to you… and if it’s your birthday the cake we offer!

A large play room dedicated exclusively to couples. Entry is checked by staff and is strictly prohibited for single members.

It will welcome you the largest bed in Italy in an atmosphere that will manage to make all the fantasies of a couple that you desire.

Dinner is served comfortably at the table with a full menu from starter to dessert. Drinks and coffee are always included.

It is the best way to start the evening and get to know many couples and singles. Toasting together in a single table and socializing during the meal is definitely a natural and engaging approach.

Book at: 3476591361

Except for special events at lunch we offer soda service directly, served directly by the pool or for those who prefer in the comfortable tables of the veranda near the pool.

During the summer, the large naturist pool (without any nudism obligation) is always available to members. Nes
tled in the green of the naturist park and with all the privacy you could wish for
. The water of the pool is salty for maximum well-being and relaxatio
n. Don’t miss the poolside aperitifs or the foam parties and you don’t even have to worry about bringing towels or flip-flops because you’ll find them at the front desk. Th
e swimming pool is open during the property’s opening hours and is connected to the spa. Comfortable changing rooms and showers will be at your disposal with security lockers.

The Spa includes three heated hot tubs (including a 1.5m deep and 5mt long) Finnish Sauna and hot and cold showers for a full route.

Towels and cobblers are available at the reception. You’ll find locker rooms with security lockers, showers, hairdryers and everything you’ll need. The sp
a is naturist, you can stay without costume but it is not mandatory to do so.

A wide selection of herbal teas is available to relax and enjoy a moment dedicated only to yourself

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